• 浙江盈瑞数字科技有限公司-2023年“浙江制造”认证  质量诚信报告

    浙江盈瑞数字科技有限公司-2023年“浙江制造”认证 质量诚信报告

    前  言   本公司出具的质量诚信报告,是依据国家有关质量法律法规、规章及相关行业质量标准、规范等进行编制。报告中关于公司质量诚信和质量管理情况是公司现状的真实反映,本公司对报告内容的客观性负责,对相关论述和结论真实性和科学性负责。 报告范围: 本报告的组织范围为浙江盈瑞数字科技有限公司。本报告描述了20...
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  • 浙江盈瑞数字科技有限公司—“浙江制造”认证 2023年社会责任报告

    浙江盈瑞数字科技有限公司—“浙江制造”认证 2023年社会责任报告

    浙江盈瑞数字科技有限公司公司成立于2013年4月,注册资金1500万元。公司位于风景秀丽的江南水乡——嘉兴海盐,毗邻杭州湾跨海大桥,地处上海、杭州、苏州金三角的中心,地理位置优越,交通运输极为便利。 公司目前拥有职工80余人,占地面积15231平方,厂房面积26907平方,公司专业生产各类油压千斤顶,产品应用于建筑、公...
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  • 浙江盈瑞数字科技有限公司—“浙江制造”认证   2021年社会责任报告

    浙江盈瑞数字科技有限公司—“浙江制造”认证 2021年社会责任报告

    社会责任报告 浙江盈瑞数字科技有限公司是海盐佳业机械工具有限公司百分百控股子公司,公司成立于2013年4月,注册资金1500万元。公司位于风景秀丽的江南水乡——嘉兴海盐,毗邻杭州湾跨海大桥,地处上海、杭州、苏州金三角的中心,地理位置优越,交通运输极为便利。 公司目前拥有职工80余人,占地面积15231平方,厂房面积2...
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  • 浙江盈瑞数字科技有限公司—2022年“浙江制造”认证有限公司质量诚信报告


    前  言  本公司出具的质量诚信报告,是依据国家有关质量法律法规、规章及相关行业质量标准、规范等进行编制。报告中关于公司质量诚信和质量管理情况是公司现状的真实反映,本公司对报告内容的客观性负责,对相关论述和结论真实性和科学性负责。 报告范围: 本报告的组织范围为浙江盈瑞数字科技有限公司。本报告描述了2...
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  • What should I do if the jack eats dust in the trunk all the year round?

    Everyone must be very familiar with jacks, but many people’s jacks should be put in the trunk for many years to eat ashes, and there is not even a jack, so many people do not know the steps to use the jack, so it is necessary for Chenghua Manufacturing to provide Teach you the precautions a...
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  • Application of Pascal’s Law in Hydraulic Jack

    Application of Pascal’s Law in Hydraulic Jack

    The hydraulic jack embodies the word “four-two-pull a thousand catties” vividly and vividly. A small jack weighs no more than a few catties to a few dozen catties, but it can lift a few tons or even hundreds of tons of heavy objects. It is really incredible. Then, what is the inside o...
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  • Do you know how a hydraulic jack works?

    Do you know how a hydraulic jack works?

    What makes you apply a small force to it to raise your car? Yes, it is a jack that can be carried with the car to perform basic mechanical operations. However, in addition to this portable jack, there are various jacks available on the market. Jacks can be classified according to the force genera...
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  • China jack market industry research and investment strategy report

    Jack is a very common light and small lifting equipment with a wide range of applications. It is not only the main lifting tool indispensable for car maintenance and repair, but also has a wide range of applications in construction, railways, bridges, and emergency rescue. With the development of...
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  • BOTTLE JACK Supplier

    I have a few questions about this crazy incident that happened in Jack in the Box near Lawrence Road last night. It seems that drive-by employees have to deal with militant customers. Jamie Mayberry (with other aliases according to KFDX, such as Amanda Mullins) decided to participate in a late ni...
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  • 公司网站侵权声明

    由于我公司正规网络推广逐步增多,近期发现,很多虚假信息在各大网站频繁出现,全部盗用我公司网站的框架结构、文字内容及图片,给我公司造成极坏影响。 现我公司严正申明:为我公司唯一有效域名,其他任何网站发布的与我公司一致的内容都属于违法盗用侵权,我公司将追究其法律责任,绝不允许任...
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  • In spite of the coronavirus crisis

    The Automechanika Shanghai is the most important event of the automotive industry in China. In spite of the corona virus crisis, Automechanika Shanghai is constant on the trade fair calendar. More than 140 nations and more and 6000 companies present service between 2th  and 5th December. It takes...
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  • Precautions for the use of jacks

    1. When using dry catty, it needs to be placed flat, and wood can be padded on the lower end of the dry catty to prevent the jacking The phenomenon of slipping occurs during use, avoiding rabbits and causing damage to the body. 2. After installing the dry jack, you need to jack up a part of the c...
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